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Peaks & Prairies 

I’m the type of person where almost all of my jewelry that I own has a meaning to it, a story behind it or it has some form of symbolism to it. I believe that the smallest of details can make an entire outfit. Most people ask me: what does that mean, what does that say, where did you get it, all of the “who, what, when, where and why” I love telling people about my jewelry because it all has so much meaning to me. I recently added one (rather two more) pieces to my collection that have both meaning and symbolism…. Do you want to know the 5 W’s about it? Let me tell you more. 

Dalia Reboh is the owner of Peaks and Prairies and of course, the wonderful mastermind behind all of her stunning mountain-esk themed jewelry. You may have also seen the billboard along the Trans Canada Highway that states in big bolded letters: PEAKS & PRAIRIES JEWLERY! You can also find her creations in the Maxime’s Jewelry store in Chinook (which I will tell you more about later). You have to go check it out because I can’t even start to begin on how stunning it is: Peaks and Prairies

She started to notice that there was a massive gap in their family owned store for something original, casual and appealed to someone like herself; an outdoorsy millennial who often dressed down and found it difficult to match formal jewelry with most outfits (which I couldn’t agree more with). You may ask how she was so good at making her sketches come to life, well; she was always an artist and specialized in sketch art with the black and grey realism. She married her passion for the outdoors and love of art by starting her collection: Peaks & Prairies. Her sketches literally look as if the art is going to come to life right then and there on that white piece of paper. I love that she shares her sketches with everyone and doesn’t keep the beginning of her creativity to herself. It’s so interesting seeing the process and the artwork come to life. Not many creators show what happens “behind the scenes” and I love that about Dalia!  

Her designs come straight from her sketchbook to the final product, which gives each piece a unique identity and feel to it. She decided to pay homage to the place that has provided her with endless inspiration. She thought it was only appropriate to donate 10% of the proceeds from every sale back to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Each unique piece is carefully handcrafted in solid sterling silver and also comes in 14 Karat gold. So there are options for everyone! We all know that we have a certain preference on if gold or silver “suits” us better! 

Dalia told me that she is so thankful for the work ethic and lessons she learned from her parents along the way, especially at a young age because it is now instilled in her and she hopes to make them proud with her extension on their journey that started almost 35 years ago. I’m pretty sure her parents are beyond proud…. she has done an outstanding job and furthermore touches on her now Canadian lifestyle! I’ve absolutely loved working with Dalia this last month and a bit and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Keep those sketches coming to life girl, they’re stunning!